B.A I Economics

B.A. I Economics


Lesson Plan (Jan-April 2018)
Name of the Assistant Professor:  Ms Sushma Rani
Class:  B.A. I (sem. 2)
Subject: Economics

Lesson Plan (Jan)


Week Date Topics
1 1-Jan-18 Introduction to Syllabus
2-Jan-18 Revision of previous semester related topics :cost & revenue curve.
3-Jan-18 Market Structures- Concepts of Perfect Competition, Monopoly
4-Jan-18 Market Structures- Concepts of Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly
5-Jan-18 Perfect Competition: Characteristics and Assumptions, pure competition
6-Jan-18 Price Determination Under Perfect Competition
7-Jan-18 Sunday
2 8-Jan-18 Role of time element in the determination of price.
9-Jan-18 Normal price and Market Price


10-Jan-18 Revision & case Study of Perfect Competition.
11-Jan-18 Equilibrium of the firm in the short period

Equilibrium of the firm in the long period

13-Jan-18 Current Affair Quiz
14-Jan-18 Sunday
3 15-Jan-18 Industry and Its equilibrium
16-Jan-18 Long run equilibrium of industry and law of costs
17-Jan-18 Supply curve of the firm and industry
18-Jan-18 Revision & case study of Perfect Competition
19-Jan-18 Monopoly: Characteristics,causes of Monopoly,Monopoly equilibrium


20-Jan-18 Current Affair Quiz
21-Jan-18 Sunday
4 22-Jan-18 Vasant Panchami
23-Jan-18 Equilibrium of the Monopoly Firm in Short period and Long period
24-Jan-18 Sir Chhotu Ram Jayanti
25-Jan-18 Concept of Supply Curve under Monopoly
26-Jan-18 Republic Day
27-Jan-18 Current Affair
28-Jan-18 Sunday
5 29-Jan-18 Price Discrimination under Monopoly
30-Jan-18 Revision& case study
31-Jan-18 Monopolistic Competition: Characteristics, demand and cost curve, product differentiation.


Lesson Plan(March)

Week Date Topics
1 1-Mar-18 Guru Ravidas Birthday
2-Mar-18 Holi
3-Mar-18 Holiday
4-Mar-18 Sunday
2 5-Mar-18 Explanation of Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages
6-Mar-18 Revision& case study
7-Mar-18 2nd  Assignment
8-Mar-18 Comparison between Monopolistic Competition and Monopoly
9-Mar-18 Class test: Comparison between Monopolistic Competition and Monopoly
10-Mar-18 Current Affair or Departmental Activities
11-Mar-18 Sunday
3 12-Mar-18 Comparison between Monopolistic Competition and Perfect Competition
13-Mar-18 Comparison between Perfect Competition and Monopoly
14-Mar-18 Class test, comparison between MC,PC & Monopoly
15-Mar-18 Test for Assesment: comparison between MC,PC & Monopoly
16-Mar-18 Revision : Perfect Competition
17-Mar-18 Current Affair
18-Mar-18 Sunday
4 19-Mar-18 Test of Perfect Competition
20-Mar-18 Revision : Monopoly
21-Mar-18 Test of Monopoly
22-Mar-18 Revision of Price discrimination
23-Mar-18 Shaheedi Diwas of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev
24-Mar-18 Current Affair
25-Mar-18 Sunday/  Ram Navami
5 26-Mar-18 Test of  Price discrimination
27-Mar-18 Revision of duopoly model
28-Mar-18 Test of duopoly Model
29-Mar-18 Mahavir Jayanti
30-Mar-18 Revision of kinked demand curve
31-Mar-18 Current Affair



Lesson Plan(Feb)


Week Date Topics
1 1-Feb-18 Short period and long period Equilibrium of the Firm under Monopolistic Competition
2-Feb-18 Group equilibrium, excess capacity, non-price competition,selling cost.
3-Feb-18 Current Affair : Annual Budget
4-Feb-18 Sunday


5-Feb-18 Comparison between Monopolistic Competition and Monopoly.
6-Feb-18 First Assignment.
7-Feb-18 Concept & Characteristic of Oligopoly
8-Feb-18 Duopoly Model
9-Feb-18  Kink demand curve,Cartel & Price leadership Model.
10-Feb-18 Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
11-Feb-18 Sunday
3 12-Feb-18 Revision& case study
13-Feb-18 Maha Shivratri
14-Feb-18 Basic concepts of Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution
15-Feb-18 Explanation of Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution
16-Feb-18 Revision& case study
17-Feb-18 Current Affair
18-Feb-18 Sunday
4 19-Feb-18 Ricardian Theory of Rent
20-Feb-18 Quasi Rent  And Difference between Rent and Quasi Rent.
21-Feb-18 Revision& case study
22-Feb-18 Classical Theories of Interest
23-Feb-18 Neoclassical Theories of Interest
24-Feb-18 Current Affair
25-Feb-18 Sunday
5 26-Feb-18 Difference between classical & neo classical theories of interest
27-Feb-18 Revision& case study
28-Feb-18 Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages: Basic Concepts


Lesson Plan(April)

Week Date Topics
1 1-Apr-18 Sunday
2-Apr-18 Test of kinked demand curve
3-Apr-18 Revision of collusive and non collusive model
4-Apr-18 Test: collusive and non collusive model
5-Apr-18 Discussion on case study
6-Apr-18 Discussion on case study
7-Apr-18 Current affair
8-Apr-18 Sunday
2 9-Apr-18  Discussion on case study
10-Apr-18 Discussion on case study
11-Apr-18 Discussion on case study
12-Apr-18 Class test on case study
13-Apr-18 Class test on case study
14-Apr-18 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti / Vaisakhi
15-Apr-18 Sunday
3 16-Apr-18 Class test on case study
17-Apr-18 Class test on case study
18-Apr-18 Parashurama Jayanti
19-Apr-18 Revision of Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution
20-Apr-18 Revision of Ricardian Theory of Rent
21-Apr-18 Revision of  Theories of Interest; Classical and Neoclassical
22-Apr-18 Sunday
4 23-Apr-18 Revision of Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages;


24-Apr-18 Revision of first & second unit objective question
25-Apr-18  Discussion on how to attempt question paper and practice of writing skills.
26-Apr-18  Revision of  third & fourth unit objective question
27-Apr-18 Revision/ Discussions/problem taking sessions.
28-Apr-18 Revision/ Discussions/problem taking sessions.
29-Apr-18 Sunday


Revision/ Discussions/problem taking sessions.