Campus Life

With more than 10000 students in 100 acres of land, Arya Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Gurukul is also well-known for the creative and inspiring activities of the students in the campus. For the all-round development of a student, it is essential that avenues for partaking in extracurricular activities be available. It is with this end in view that extracurricular activities are conducted regularly to enable students to discover and hone their skills in fields that are not academic in nature. Technical activities are also held on a regular basis to promote excellence in technical skills among the student body. Aptitude tests, technical quizzes, group discussions, debates and extempore etc. are also held on a regular basis to promote excellence in technical and soft skills among students. The students under the guidance of the college faculty organize these activities.

Synergy, the annual techno-cultural fest, is the most awaited event in the campus, which draws huge participation from the students. It not only enables the students to evaluate themselves and realize where they stand, but also provides a wonderful opportunity to students of different streams to come together and bring about a confluence of ideas and give birth to bonds of friendship that would help everyone involved in the long run.

Besides these, students are also encouraged to get involved in sports activities. There are a variety of sports programmes offered at our campus to participate in.